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Garage Door Repair Scarborough

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Garage Door Springs Repair

Spring tension is useful for your garage door, but might be a threat to your safety. With proper spring installation, adjustment and repairs, the professionals of our company make sure your door is safe and works at its best. Did you attempt to manually open the overhead door and failed to do so? Turn to our Scarborough Garage Door Repair. As well-trained spring repair technicians, we offer immediate solutions to all spring problems.Garage Door Springs Repair Scarborough

Torsion and extension springs services

Whether you own extension or torsion springs, you will still need our help. We install, replace, fix and adjust them. The job is done as fast as possible for your convenience and safety. Although we immediately replace broken springs, we’d still help you incredibly fast when springs are in bad shape and about to snap. Such incidents can cause accidents if you are standing close by and that’s the last thing we want for our customers. When you count on us, your garage door springs repair Scarborough needs are taken care of in timely fashion.

Choosing the right springs is of the essence

Springs consist of coils and are designed to be tensed. Due to their stored power they manage to open your heavy door. Choosing the right torsion or extension springs is not always easy. If you need our assistance, we are available to help you. The weight and size of the door play a great role in selecting the right spring. Our technicians can help you choose the right type and size. We install both types of springs and by any brand, and advise you whether you need a second torsion spring installed. Garage door spring replacement takes place as soon as possible, especially if the existing springs are already damaged or broken.

Fixing garage door springs fast is our priority

Count on our torsion spring repair service in Scarborough, Ontario. Our technicians are equipped with all winding bar tool sizes in order to fix your torsion spring whether there is need to add or release tension. We adjust springs in timely fashion and make sure the door is properly balanced. Why let springs make garage entry difficult or compromise your safety? Let us know if you need Scarborough garage door springs repair services today!

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