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Single Car Garage Door

Do you want a standard size single car garage door in Scarborough, Ontario? Or, the size customized to your needs? And is it one garage door that you want? Or, two single car garage doors?

Let us make things really simple for you. At Scarborough Garage Door Repair, we provide tailored solutions to meet everyone’s needs. And not only in terms of size but also style, material, features, type. Should we tell you?

Scarborough single car garage door sizes to meet everyone’s needs

If it’s time to get a single car garage door, Scarborough’s most dedicated team will be at your service. We offer choices among all garage door sizes; single car options included. No need to worry about that. The important thing is to be sure you are getting a perfect fit for your available space. And so, the first thing we do is to send a pro to take the required measurements. Should we do so?

Share your one-car garage door repair & service needs today

Single Car Garage Door Scarborough

You will be pleased to know that our team is ready to serve whether you already have a one-car garage door or seeking one for the first time. In the case of the former, we can help in various ways. After all, what you may need right now is some repairs & servicing. Anything, from fixing the opener to replacing the spring and maintaining the garage door. And our company is ready to cover all single car garage door repair Scarborough service requests. Rest assured.

Ready for a new 1-car garage door installation?

Chances are high you seek a new 1-car garage door. Or want the old single garage door replaced. Have no worries. We take over all such requests and carry them through, from start to end, with the seriousness and professionalism they deserve.

Having one, two, three or multiple single car garage doors installed at your place is as easy as making contact with our team. Customized solutions that will be the perfect match for your garage are only a call way, while the installation cost is reasonable and the job done impeccably by masters of the trade.

Single garage doors are excellent. Due to their rather small size – compared to double garage doors, they don’t necessarily need heavy-duty, expensive parts. And if you have two single doors instead of one double overhead door, you get alternative access solutions if one fails. With us, you get consultation, quality, the size you need, the design you dream, the features you want and the Scarborough single car garage door installed to a T. Why don’t you make contact with us?

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