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Garage Door Tracks Repair

A noisy overhead door is often an indication of track problems. If these parts are damaged, the rollers will bump in the dented sections causing loud noises. We provide same day garage door tracks repair in Scarborough not just to quiet down the door but also to prevent it from jamming. Dents and bent sections are created with heavy objects or when the rollers are rusty and the tracks are not lubricated. In our Scarborough Garage Door Repair, we repair but also maintain these parts and replace them when they are completely damaged.Garage Door Tracks Repair Scarborough

Depend on our quick garage door track repair service

The time of our response when you need garage door tracks repair in the Scarborough area in Ontario, is fast. Want we do is:

  • Fix misaligned tracks
  • Bent garage door track repair
  • Repair either vertical or horizontal tracks
  • Replace both garage door tracks and rollers
  • Replace hinges along with the rollers
  • Fix track damage

Our pros replace garage door tracks & rollers

There are different size tracks to fit in any residential overhead door. And we always offer and install the right size for your door. Our techs cover your garage door tracks replacement needs in a timely manner. For your convenience, we carry durable tracks with us and so the service is done in one visit. But if the problem with the tracks is fixable, we repair them. They need replacement when they corrode, are scratched and extensively dented, or their repair is not the most cost-efficient solution. Either way, you can trust that our company covers your Scarborough garage door tracks repair requests fast.

We are also fast when you have roller problems. Our pros can replace them and install either steel or nylon rollers. Since rollers should work in full harmony with the tracks, we also maintain them. If your garage door tracks are dirty, the wheels won’t slide well and the door might jam. If the tracks are not aligned, the door might bind or get stuck. We can take good care of your tracks and lubricate them. Call us for any track problem.

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