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Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

When torsion springs are broken, noisy, or in a bad shape, we rush to offer service. So, if you have problems with the garage door torsion spring in Scarborough, Ontario, call our company. With all the necessary tools in our vans and experience in spring repair services, our techs will do anything needed to fix a problem.

At Scarborough Garage Door Repair, we:

Garage Door Torsion Spring Scarborough

  • Fix torsion springs urgently
  • Replace springs the same day you call
  • Offer spring repair at reasonable rates
  • Take care of any problem related to extension springs
  • Lubricate springs
  • Adjust springs

What’s the purpose of garage door torsion spring repair services?

Your Scarborough garage door torsion spring is responsible for the door’s lifting. When installed, the spring is wound to have enough tension not only to lift up the door but also keep it open and bring it down smoothly. As people say, the springs are the muscles of the door. But what happens over time? Every time you use the door, the springs lose some of their flexibility and thus power. So, eventually they might require some adjustments.

Since galvanized springs are not as strong as oil tempered ones, they must be adjusted more often. Whatever the case is, our experts offer torsion spring adjustment and do the job with the right tools – since springs have several differences.

Why is lubrication important? Because springs are made of steel. They will eventually rust and thus become noisy and unreliable. So, call us for any torsion spring repair in Scarborough. We can take excellent care of your springs.

Call now for torsion spring replacement

There would also come a time when your spring will break. Call us for same day garage door torsion spring replacement. Springs break when they are not maintained properly or are not suitable for the particular door. But they are made to last for a number of cycles. And so at one point they will snap.

Since springs can become dangerous, contact us to take care of them and prevent premature snapping. Call us for torsion spring replacement even if they haven’t broken yet. If it’s almost time for their replacement, it’s better to play it safe. Get in touch with our spring repair experts anytime.

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