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Garage Door Maintenance

You only gain from our garage door maintenance Scarborough service and have nothing to lose. And that’s because our preventive service is affordable and can still spare you possible future repair expenses. The lifespan of the door and opener is prolonged and each and every part is well taken care of so that they will perform at their best and without making noise. The ultimate benefit of our garage door maintenance service is your safety. Our pros focus on the safety features and service the springs so that there will be no accidents at your garage. With our service, the door will function well and so it will close properly. Thereby you will have no trouble in regard to home security. So do make an appointment with Scarborough Garage Door Repair today for a preventive service. images-2

The best garage door maintenance service

By inspecting your garage door and its electric opener every year, our techs can fix problems before they keep the door from performing right. We check every little component because even fasteners are critical to the way the door moves. So every little screw, nut and bolt is tightened and the steel parts along with the spring and opener chain are lubricated. If there is already a particular problem with the door, we utilize our garage door troubleshooting skills in order to narrow down the solutions. Is the door not closing due to opener, track, or spring problems? We check the condition of each and every part and fix the problem. And that’s the value of garage door maintenance. No problem goes unnoticed.

In order for the overhead door to move right and close entirely, it must be well balanced. So we fix any spring problem and either release or add tension. But we guarantee perfect garage door adjustment by also fixing the opener settings, which determine the door’s force but also its travel limits. Our techs are experienced with all residential garage doors and their openers. And so we provide exceptional garage door maintenance in Scarborough. Want to know our quotes? Need to schedule a service in Scarborough, Ontario? Call us.


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